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Dj Nonames (Foreign Beggars) – The New Year Offering

Ebenfalls ein feines Ding, das knapp 50 Minuten im feinsten UK-Style wobbled, glitched, bleeped und blonked.
Ich denke, die Beschreibung spricht für sich:
48 minutes of new music mixed using 2 turntables, a Pioneer 909 mixer, a bunch of sick music (85% uk, 10% american, 5% french) and the usual smattering of accapellas/ cuts and dubplates. World exclusive for the new Elliott Yorke (remember the name), Eglo newman ARP101 and man of the moment James Blake. Mensah’s incredible Big up the Goons gets the accapella treament.. Kyza is officially the quickest to hear a beat, write a verse, record and mix it and send it back (12 hours). Soundspecies laced me with some brand newnness, Dre took some time out working with Justin Bieber to show he’s still got it, and its Eminem’s best verse in ages. It finishes on a hoods up, screwface grime flex..
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