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[Mixtape] BAd BReaks of Breaking Bad by DJ BobaFatt

Bam! Zwoeinhalb (2,5!) Stunden mit einhundertzehn Tunes (110!) Bad Breaking Bad Breaks!

Gibt wohl keinen besseren Recap-Soundtrack für den Film vorm inneren Auge!

Consisting of 96% pure BReaking BAd music.

*DO NOT listen to this mix until you’ve watched the whole thing. SPOILERS, bitch!*

2.5 hrs | 110 tracks

96% of these tracks are taken from the soundtrack across the 5 seasons.
The music & samples are not chronological, but I tried to keep the story straight, and split into seasons (half hr each). So about 74% correct overall.

Huge credit due to Thomas Golubic & http://supermusicvision.com/ for sourcing/syncing the music throughout the show & Dave Porter for his score (buy the soundtracks, yo). Thanks to Vince, Bryan, Aaron & so on, for cooking up pure magic.

BAd BReaks | A Breaking Bad Mixtape by Dj Bobafatt on Mixcloud

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