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Kelpe – Answered {Remix by Fuewa}

Musik ist auch nichts anderes als Schall und Rauch, wie der folgende Clip schön darstellt.

Und ab und zu tolle Pressetexte über Ständer und verlassene Häuser, so toll, dass ich Euch dies mal komplett zitieren möchte:

One of the things that they never tell dudes when they hit puberty is that when you get, like, really, really, really scared, you’re going to get a boner. The first time this happens is generally when you go to a haunted house as a twelve-year-old with someone you have a crush on, and then something scary jumps out at you, and your fear impulses mix with your crush impulses to create the perfect storm that is the fear boner. Fuewa’s remix of Kelpe’s already excellent “Answered” will not inspire a fear boner, but it will inspire a certain sense of sexy unease, which is close enough.

Aber nun: Klick it like Beckham!

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