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Birthday Art Portrait: Madeline von Förster

Hey Kleinski,

happy Birthday from the Doomstrasse yall! You might expect some musically related present from me but here’s something different. It’s a short portrait of my wonderful girlfriend Madeline. Enjoy and keep on bloggin!


Portrait of Madeline von Foerster: an interview with the New York based artist about “The Red Thread” – the key painting of her 2010 solo show “Reliquaries” at Strychnin Gallery, Berlin. Von Foerster works in “mischtechnik,” a mixed technique of oil and egg tempera used by the Flemish Renaissance Masters. Her current series is concerned with endangered/extinct wildlife, and also inspired by the reliquaries of the Ursula church in Cologne, Germany.
Info at madelinevonfoerster.com
Shot in September 2010 at her atelier in New York City.
Music by Edison Woods
Camera & production by Philipp Wohlleben, Wohlleben Filmprodukte
Editing by Joel Ström of bewegtes-bild.com